I recently got my hands on Vessel’s Core Series, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the ride (pun intended!). Vessel has a reputation for sleek and stylish vape pens, and the Core Series lives up to the hype. As a vaping enthusiast, I was excited to test out their range of products. In this review, I’ll share my personal experiences with each one.

Core Soleil

This sunny yellow beauty not only looks fantastic but feels fantastic too. It’s easy to use, and the airflow control is a handy feature. The battery life is impressive, ensuring I can vape all day without worrying about recharging.

Core Soleil

Core Dusk

The matte finish of this pen exudes elegance. It’s discreet and perfect for on-the-go vaping. I found the ceramic core to be a game-changer for flavor preservation.

Core Dusk

Core Emerald

The shimmering green of the Core Emerald is a head-turner. It’s not just a pretty face, though. The adjustable voltage settings let you customize your vaping experience. The only drawback for me was the relatively smaller battery capacity.

Core Emerald

Core Black

If you prefer a more understated look, the Core Black is perfect. It’s slim and easily fits in your pocket. The long-lasting battery is a plus, and it’s a breeze to refill.

Core Black

Core Stone

The textured surface of the Core Stone adds a unique touch. The draw activation is super convenient, and the performance is smooth. The one downside is that it’s a bit heavier than other models.

Core Stone

Core Blush

-This soft pink pen is an absolute charmer. The ceramic heating element delivers great flavor, and the magnetic charging cable is a neat addition. However, it can be prone to fingerprints due to its finish.

Core Blush

Core Navy

The navy blue Core Series is a personal favorite. It’s a statement piece with the right blend of aesthetics and functionality. The only drawback is that it can be a bit slippery to hold at times.

Core Navy

Core Merlot

With its deep red hue, the Core Merlot stands out. The LED indicator is handy for keeping track of your battery life. However, I did notice that the finish could scratch easily.

Core Merlot

Core White

The Core White is clean and pristine, but it’s not my top pick due to its susceptibility to discoloration. Nonetheless, it performs admirably, and I appreciated the consistent vapor production.

Core White


If you’re looking for a no-frills option, the JustCore gets the job done. It’s a simple, reliable vape pen with a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for beginners.


In conclusion, Vessel’s Core Series offers a fantastic range of options, catering to both style and performance. While each pen has its unique charm, the Core Navy and Core Dusk stood out as my top choices, combining aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just starting, there’s a Core Series pen that’s perfect for you. Happy vaping!

What is Vessel’s Core Series?

Vessel’s Core Series is a collection of premium vape pens designed to provide a stylish and sophisticated vaping experience.

What sets the Core Series apart from other vape pens?

The Core Series stands out due to its attention to design, quality materials, and advanced features, which elevate the vaping experience.

How many pens are included in the Core Series?

The Core Series consists of ten distinct models, each with its unique design and features to cater to various preferences.

Are Core Series pens compatible with specific types of cartridges or e-liquids?

Core Series pens are designed to be compatible with a wide range of 510-threaded cartridges, making them versatile for various vaping needs.

What is the battery life like on Core Series pens?

Battery life varies depending on the model, but generally, Core Series pens are known for their extended battery life, allowing for long-lasting vaping sessions.

Can I adjust the temperature or voltage on Core Series pens?

Yes, many Core Series models offer adjustable temperature or voltage settings, allowing you to customize your vaping experience.

Is there a warranty for Core Series products?

Vessel offers a limited warranty for its Core Series products, typically covering manufacturing defects. The duration of the warranty may vary by model, so it’s essential to check the specific product details.

How do I clean and maintain a Core Series vape pen?

Vessel provides guidelines for cleaning and maintenance in the product manual. Generally, it involves wiping down the exterior and ensuring the connection points remain clean.

Can I purchase replacement parts or accessories for Core Series pens?

Yes, Vessel offers replacement parts and a range of stylish accessories to complement your Core Series vape pen, including mouthpieces and charging cables.

Where can I buy Core Series vape pens?

You can purchase Vessel’s Core Series vape pens directly from the official Vessel website (www.vesselbrand.com), as well as select authorized retailers and dispensaries. Be sure to buy from reputable sources to ensure authenticity and warranty coverage.

I would like to disclose that I have received free products from Vessel in exchange for providing a review of their Core Series. While I have been compensated with these products, I assure you that this review is based on my personal experiences and honest opinions of the Core Series. My goal is to offer an unbiased and informative assessment to assist potential buyers in making informed decisions about these products.

Explore Vessel’s Treasure Trove of Delights: Unearth More Awesomeness

Are you new to the world of vaping and curious about the different product categories available? We’re here to guide you through three intriguing series by Vessel: the Expedition Series, the Craftsman Series, and the Vista Series. Let’s embark on this vaping journey with a mix of professionalism and a touch of fun.

Expedition Series

Exploring Innovation

The Expedition Series by Vessel represents cutting-edge vaping technology. Designed for those who appreciate high-performance devices, these pens are known for their exceptional build quality, advanced features, and an eye-catching design.

What the Experts Say: Academics and researchers have commended the Expedition Series for its focus on user experience and safety. These products often adhere to stringent industry standards to ensure a satisfying and secure vaping experience.

UK vs. USA Laws: While vaping regulations can vary between the UK and the USA, both countries emphasize the importance of age restrictions and product safety. The USA tends to have stricter state-level regulations, so it’s crucial to stay updated with your specific locality’s laws.

Craftsman Series

Crafted to Perfection

The Craftsman Series celebrates the art of design and craftsmanship. These vape pens are not just devices; they are pieces of functional art. If you appreciate aesthetics and enjoy a touch of luxury, this series is worth exploring.

Governmental Bodies’ Perspective: Governmental bodies often appreciate the safety features and quality assurance in the Craftsman Series. Regulations ensure that these products are manufactured to high standards, with a focus on user safety.

UK vs. USA Laws: Both the UK and the USA have stringent quality and safety standards for vaping products. However, the specific regulations and restrictions may differ. In the UK, for instance, there’s an emphasis on compliance with the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations. In the USA, the FDA regulates e-cigarettes as tobacco products, and state laws can add further restrictions.

Vista Series

A Window to the Future

The Vista Series offers a clear view into the world of vaping. Featuring transparent elements that allow users to see the vapor and liquid levels, these pens are perfect for those who want a visual vaping experience.

Academics and Government Insights: Academics and governmental bodies appreciate the transparency and safety features of the Vista Series. The clear design elements help ensure that users have better control over their vaping experience.

UK vs. USA Laws: Laws governing transparent vape devices are generally consistent in both the UK and the USA, focusing on product safety, labeling, and child-resistant packaging. Always be aware of specific state or local regulations, as they may vary.

In your vaping journey, these three Vessel series offer a delightful array of options, catering to different preferences and priorities. Remember to stay informed about the regulations in your region and enjoy your vaping responsibly. Happy vaping!

Marie Salbuvik